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  • Reading: Mere Christianity
  • Watching: Angel
I just reached 100 Deviations! Wow! And I've only been on here... 18 months? Something like that.

It's been fun. I love sharing my art, I especially love sharing my silly scribble comics and getting people to laugh, or my Doctor Who short stories and eliciting deeper emotions. I've been blessed to have almost 100% kind and generous comments - that's not something to take for granted on the internet these days, so THANK YOU!
  • Reading: Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood
  • Watching: Eureka
...upload from my sketchbook to my computer.

Since I do not, however, live in that scientific paradise/hell, I am completely dependent on access to a scanner to provide my work for your viewing pleasure. Since I was on a major cross-country trip this summer, the result is that I have a huge backlog of work that I only just managed to upload today. Now for the editing and posting! Stay tuned!
I am very excited to reveal that my friend Amanda Dominick and I are officially launching a business making high quality costumes for little girls. From the fantastical to the historical, our costumes are completely customizable to become a unique treasure for the little princess in your life!

For more information and updates, please check out our facebook page here:…

Since I am the designer for the business, I will be sharing some of my favorite pieces in the near future!
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  • Watching: SMASH
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  • Reading: Children of a Lesser God
  • Watching: Switched at Birth
Okay, so there is much more keeping me busy than Downton Abbey, and to be quite honest I'd be delighted to sacrifice far more time to that lovely show. Still, it's been a marvelous January and February with the Crawleys and Co in Edwardian England. Who else is psyched for season 3?

Guess I'd better get busy with the fan art!
  • Reading: The Dawning of Deliverance
  • Watching: Dollhouse
  • Eating: Udi's Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins
Hey friends! I hope all is going well with you! I've got some new art pieces to share soon, just have to get them scanned in! I hope the holiday season was a time of peace and fun for all of you -- and maybe a chance to catch up on your own art as well! Not to mention enjoying the Doctor Who Christmas special!
  • Listening to: "The Hanging Tree" - The HungerGames
  • Reading: Xenocide - Orson Scott Card
  • Watching: The Shadow (1994)
  • Playing: BibleTrivia
  • Eating: Too much Thanksgiving Food
I got tired of coming across awesome or hilarious pictures and not having a good outlet for sharing them. So! Cue the tumblr!

You can also find my roleplaying tumblrs at (Rogue) and (Polaris).

I hope you follow me so that I can check out your tumblr as well!
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  • Reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Watching: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Wow, life has been crazy lately! I've been so busy getting ready for college and moving into my new apartment that I've had little time for drawing or creating any kind of art.

However, I DID start a new blog which I think some of you will find interesting. It chronicles my work as a seamstress, and in particular will be focusing on my adventures as I start my new major this year -- Apparel and Textile Design. You can read all about the adventures here:

Also you've probably noticed that I'm in a definite Harry Potter mood this week. What did I think of the latest movie? You can read my initial review at my blog ( but I must say that I have since seen it with subtitles and the dialogue adds a lot. I still am not pleased with some of the significant omissions, but I did enjoy it a lot more when I could actually know what everyone was saying!
  • Reading: Petra (By T.L. Higley)
  • Watching: Parenthood (Season 1)
A month on DeviantART and I'm even more obsessed than when I started! Unfortunately, editing on my last film project has kept me from uploading as much art as I'd like... but that should be changing now!

I did however get a chance to participate in a fun Doctor Who skit. Fans of author Regina Doman will also especially appreciate it.…

Also, it's probably fairly obvious that I'm a huge X-Men fan. So what did I think of First Class? Read my review here:…
  • Reading: The Darcy Cousins
  • Watching: Doctor Who
So today I finally caved and decided to set up a deviant account. I'm already officially addicted! ;)

While I work on uploading more pieces and learning how everything here works, you are welcome to learn more about me and my art at my blog,